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Zombies[ | ]

Z Mod


No puls, no thought, no feelings, only hunger
They will come after you to eat your brain

  • Foreword :

- The living dead have risen to again walk the earth in search of human brains.
The Zombies are thought to be a result of a malfunction of the nanobots program caused by the nano-virus.

  • Stealth :

- The Zombies will crawl up from underground and target the player.
They will walk the earth and try to kill everyone in range.

  • Targeting :

- The Zombies will target the player with the highest nuisance level.

  • Attack :

- The Zombies aim is simple, kill the living.

  • Roam :

- They do not roam, but will rise when you least expect it.

  • Nests :

- No known nesting.

  • Can be quite easily killed but they will come in great numbers.
  • Best way to avoid them is yet unknown.