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Server Resources

Server Resources

EpochMod.com Server Install Help Forum - http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/forum/62-server-install-help/

Don't forget to check out the pinned threads at the top of the forum and don't forget to use the search function - Your question may have already been answered :)

SteamCMD Overview - Contains evertything you need to know about SteamCMD - https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#Windows

SteamCMD Install Guide - Windows - https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#Windows

SteamCMD Install Guide - Linux - https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#Linux

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784

This Redist is required on Windows installs due to the custom DLL's Epoch uses for various functions including connection to the RedisDB.

Server Requirements

Server Requirements

To host Arma 3 Epoch you require a dedicated server - whether you choose to rent an Arma 3 server from a Game Server Provider [GSP], rent/host your own Dedicated Server [DS] or purchase your own Dedicated Server and have it co-located is entirely up to you.

An Arma server rented from a GSP will already have the minimum requirements, performance will be dependant on the GSP, some have better equipped servers than others.

Recommended Dedicated Server Specifications:

CPU: 3.0Ghz+ 4c4t Quad Core+
HDD: 512GB+ - Most Dedi's have 1TB+ HDD's these days, some have optional RAID. Remember you still need space for your OS and any mods you plan on using.
SSD: 120GB+ - SSD's are becoming more commonly available from DS companies and many people already have them in thier own dedicated servers.
Network Link: 100MBit+ - Most Dedi's come with a port speed of 1Gbit which is limited by your contract with them - 100/200/300Mbit throughput is common, 1Gbit is usually an extra cost over and above the basic rental of your dedicated server.
Bandwidth: 1TB+ / Month - Bandwidth requirement is dependant on everything you do with your dedicated server, 1TB/month is the absolute bare minimum I would recommend for running your own dedicated game server
OS: Linux or Windows Server 2008/2012

HDD or SSD? - Either or both, it depends on what is available to you - if you run the server + redis DB from an SSD your server load times may be faster, Arma is a CPU hungry game and overall it is CPU cycles (Ghz) that effects the server most.

Windows or Linux? - That is entirely up to you,.

Linux is a free open-source operating system, Arma3 support for linux is ever-increasing, Epoch already supports Linux.

Windows Server is available in two flavours that are supported by Arma3: 2008 or 2012. There have been mixed performance reports about which version is better regarding Arma hosting. With Windows you will have to pay a licencing fee to your host company, this cost varies but is usually around £/$/€ 20-40 per month ontop of your server rental cost. Some hosts will let you opt to install your own licenced edition of Windows Server on your dedicated server - This is not a cheap option as Windows Server 2008/2012 is fairly expensive to licence.

Server Files

Server Files

Download the latest public server files from the EpochMod.com website:


The Client files are also required on the server, you can download those here:


Optional Files for supported maps:

Bornholm v1.3:


AllInArmaTerrainPack / AIATP - (Required for Chernarus support):

http://epochmod.com/downloads/@allinarmaterrainpack_2015_01_01.zip.torrent (Torrent)

Server Installation Guide

Server Installation Guide
Windows Install Guide


This guide is written on the basis that you have read every article above this in the wiki and have installed SteamCMD on your server already, for more information & links to SteamCMD see the Server Resources page.

DO NOT use your personal Steam account. Create a seperate account for your dedicated server.

Installing the standard Steam client onto a dedicated server is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the extra resources it uses.


 Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 installed on your system prior to going any further - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
SteamCMD installed on your system.

Required Files:

 Epoch Server files - http://epochmod.com/download_server.php
Epoch Client files - http://epochmod.com/download.php

Optional Files:

 Bornholm v1.3 see the Server Files section.
AIATP (Chernarus) see the Server Files section.

Arma 3 Epoch Server Install Guide:

  • Create an installation directory for your Arma 3 Server installation:
 Example:  C:\Arma3Server\
 (I will use this directory throughout this guide)
  • Install Arma3 with SteamCMD:
 Start SteamCMD with the following commandline options:
 steamcmd.exe +login <USERNAME> <PASSWORD> +force_install_dir "C:\Arma3Server" +app_update 233780 validate +quit
 Replace <USERNAME> & <PASSWORD> with your dedicated server's Steam account credentials.
 Wait for SteamCMD to complete it's download and validation of your installation.
  • Install Epoch Client Files:
 Extract the files from the Epoch_Client_VERSION.zip to your Arma3 Server directory > C:\Arma3Server\
 (The filename will vary depending on the version released, but it will always begin with Epoch_Client* )
  • Install Epoch Server Files:
 Extract the files from the Epoch_Server_VERSION.zip to your Arma3 Server directory > C:\Arma3Server\
 (The filename will vary depending on the version released, but it will always begin with Epoch_Server* )
  • Setup your Database:
 Open the C:\Arma3Server\DB folder and find the "redis.conf" file
 Edit this file - change ONLY the text after 'requirepass' (This will be your RedisDB password)
 Run the "start-redis.cmd" file
 Your database is now running - The Epoch Server will automatically generate the Database Tables it requires when you start your server :)
  • Setup EpochServer.ini:
 Open the C:\Arma3Server\@EpochHive folder.
 Edit the "EpochServer.ini" file.
 BattlEyePath = C:\Arma3Server\SC\BattlEye  //Path to your Battleye filters folder
 InstanceID = NA123  // Epoch server Instance ID (used to keep server data seperate on the same database).
 LogAbuse = 1 // Logs potential database abuse 1 = simple logs 2 = verbose.
 IP = // IP address to connect to Rcon generally the external IP of your server - Change this to your server's EXTERNAL IP address.
 Port = 2302 // Gameport your Arma 3 server will be running on  - 2302 is the default port
 Password = changeme // Battleye rcon password - This is also set in the config.cfg file for your server - these need to match.
 IP =  // Redis Server IP address.
 Port = 6379  // Redis Server Port.
 DB = 0  // Database ID of Redis.
 Password = foobared  // The password you set in the redis.conf file
 Logging = 0 // 1 = Logging of SteamAPI
 Key = // Requires SteamAPI key to enable feature
 VACBanned = 0 // 1 = Ban a Vac banned user
 VACMinimumNumberOfBans = 0 // Minimum number of bans before action is taken
 VACMaximumDaysSinceLastBan = 0 // Max days since last ban
 PlayerAllowOlderThan = 0 // In days, This will ban players with account if newer than days set.
  • Setup Arma 3 Server config.cfg file:
 Open the C:\Arma3Server\SC\ folder.
 Edit the config.cfg file.
 For the most part the file is self explanitory when you open it, but you will have to do some editing here.
 Change the following lines:
 hostname = "EpochMod.com (|1.44) ID02 YourHost";  
 Edit the text inside the inverted commas "" to your liking - Keep the version numbers: the first relates to the mod version, the second is the version of Arma3 you are running.
 passwordAdmin = "!CHANGE_THIS_PASSWORD";
 Change the text inside the inverted commas "" to the same password you set in the [EpochServer] section in the EpochServer.ini file, this is your RCON password.
 serverCommandPassword = "!CHANGE_THIS_PASSWORD";
 Change the text inside the inverted commas "" to a different password from your RCON password - this allows access to the serverCommand features of the Arma 3 server engine.
 template = epoch.Altis; - You can change this to the supported map of your choice, Altis is the default, other options are: epoch.Stratis, epoch.Bornholm, epoch.Chernarus
NB: Bornholm requires the Bornholm v1.3 files, Chernarus requires the AIATP files You can find download links to these in the Server Files section.

  • Setup BEServer.cfg file:
 Open the C:\Arma3Server\SC\Battleye\ folder.
 Edit the "example-BEServer.cfg" file.
 Edit the text after RConPassword to the same passwordAdmin password you specified in the config.cfg file.
 Save this file in the same location as "BEserver.cfg"
 Nearly done ;)
  • Server Startup Batch File:
 There are a whole range of options available to run your server, I won't delve into them here but you can find more information about different methods in the Server Install Help Forum.  
 For purposes of this Guide I will be using simple Batch files. ;)
 Open your C:\Arma3Server\ folder.
 Create a new blank TXT document, name it something along the lines of "Arma3EpochServer.bat"  - The filetype will change to a batch.
 Right click on the "Arma3EpochServer.bat" and select Edit.
 Copy the below into this file:
 @echo off
 start "arma3" /min "C:\Arma3Server\arma3server.exe" -mod=@Epoch;@EpochHive; -config=C:\Arma3Server\SC\config.cfg -ip= -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma3Server\SC\basic.cfg -name=SC
 NB: For Bornholm change the -mod parameter to: -mod=@Epoch;@EpochHive;@Bornholm; | For Chernarus change the -mod parameter to: -mod=@Epoch;@EpochHive;@AllInArmaTerrainPack;
 Change the "-ip=" to your server's EXTERNAL IP address.
 Save the file.
  • Pre-flight checks:
 Open the C:\Arma3Server\ folder.
 Right-click the "pcre3.dll" file and select properties.
 If there is an "Unblock" button, press it. - Windows Server automatically blocks unknown DLL's for security reasons, this simply unblocks it to allow it to run.
 (This library is for Database security)
 Open the C:\Arma3Server\@EpochHive\ folder.
 Right-click the "EpochServer.dll" file and select properties.
 If there is an "Unblock" button, press it.
 (This is the library that lets Epoch connect to the game<>database)
  • Launch your Arma 3 Epoch Server:
 Double Click the "Arma3EpochServer.bat" batch file you created in C:\Arma3Server\.
 Enjoy :)
Linux Install Guide

WIP - Documentation Incoming

Epoch Server Configuration

Editable Epoch Server PBO Explained

WIP - Documentation Incoming

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