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The Phantom[ | ]

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Have you ever been alone at night,
thought you heard footsteps behind
and turned around and no-one's there.

  • Foreword :

- Not much is known about the Phantom.

If things don't seem right, if doors open by themselves,
if you are all alone and you hear footsteps,
if windows start randomly breaking
if a trader tells you "There is someone following you. Watch your back"
It's most likely the Phantom.

  • Stealth :

- The Phantom will be stealthy at all times, nothing else is known.

  • Targeting :

- Targeting capabilities Unknown.

  • Attack :

- Combat efficiency Unknown..

  • Roam :

- Movement capabilities Unknown.

  • Nests :

- No known nesting.

Best way to avoid him is yet unknown.