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Guide to Improvised Tools and Gathering Materials from the Environment

Crafted versions of the Hatchet and Sledgehammer. Recipes:
Maul : 1x Rocks 2x Sticks 1x Rope

Crude Hatchet : 1x Rocks 1x Sticks 1x Rope

Wooden Club : 2x Sticks

The Maul can collect:

  • Rocks from boulders(large rocks).
  • Metal Scraps from wrecks scattered around the world.
  • Cinder Blocks from yellow pallets like those seen in the image on the right.


The Crude Hatchet can collect:


Sticks from chopping down bushes. It also functions normally to chop down trees for Wood Logs.

The Wooden Club is a crude melee weapon for PVP.