Getting Started

Starting out fresh in any game or mod can be a daunting thing. Hopefully this section, and the video in it can help with getting you comfortable in Epoch, and on your way to experiencing all it has to offer. Remember this wiki is for Arma 3 Epoch only. And the mods that are officially supported in Epoch. Current external server modifications supported by Epoch is Ryan's Zombies and Demons [1].

After loading into a server, you will be given the choice between playing a male or female character if you are new to that server. Once you've picked your gender, move to one of the drain covers around the room and selecting your action key and you will spawn you into the map. You will be spawned into a trader zone for that map. You will spawn into a traders center in a specific area of the map, each drain cover will spawn you into a different area so its worth trying them all to find out where they all lead to. Depending on the map you choose, you may have one or multiple drain covers. You will spawn in a Protected Traders Zone in Epoch unless you are playing on a modded server.

Map legend

Symbol Explanation
Rsz 1rsz 2000px-blackdotsvg.png Protected traders.
Rsz 1rsz small-brown-dot-hi.png Trader who has lived at least one restart. Not safe.
Rsz 1rsz green-dot-hi.png Trader who was killed and respawned.
Rsz red-dot.png Dead trader.
Orange circle filled icon.png Cargo container, Ferris wheel or Wrecks.
Map legend symbol-plant.svg Food, hemp or harvestable plant.
EPOCH Map Legend.png
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