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Dogs[ | ]

Tamed Buddy

Man’s best friends has inherited the earth
He might be your friend or you might be his dinner

  • Foreword :

- Man’s best friends has inherited the earth.
Mostly found on their own scavenging, they will happily gang up on you.
They still want to be your friend but are driven, like everyone else, by hunger.

  • Behaviour :

- His initial goal is to follow you, he may be making a decision on whether you are food or not.
Wary dogs are not so hungry, if he approaches right up to you he is hungry and about to attack.
Dogs will wander randomly, this is your chance to escape, if you want to.
Distancing yourself from the dog is the best method of escape, second only to a bullet.

  • Approach :

- If a player is crouched the dog will whine and approach slowly if he is friendly. If he is not he will walk straight up to you and bite.

  • Feed :

- Hostile or not, a dog can be tamed. Place food on the floor.

  • Food :

- Dogs currently like: Chicken or Rabbit (Raw or cooked), Raw Goat or Raw Lamb.

  • Hunger :

- Tamed or not, the dog will get hungry over time. Keep him fed to avoid any unnecessary dog bites.

  • Tamed :

- If he walks up and eats the food you will get a message and learn the dog's name.

  • Tamed Behaviour :

- Once tamed a dog can be useful, as he adopts new behaviour: ‘Play’: If he spots either a Rabbit, Chicken, Snake or Sapper he will start playing with them and chase them.

  • Kill :

- Will attempt to kill his playmate.
If it is one of the animals, he will bring you the carcass and pelt which will appear in-front of him when he is within a close range to the player.

  • Stay :

- If you are in a prone position the dog will mostly stay, he does get bored now and again.
He will also stay quiet.

  • Alert :

- If you are crouched and the dog senses another nearby player, he will bark once and take a short walk in the direction of the other player.

  • Follow :

- He is now your friend, and will follow you to the end of Altis.

  • Mourn :

- If you die, your dog will sit at your dead body whining.

  • Persistance :

- Dog companions do not persist if you log off, likewise after server restart.