Epoch Mod Wiki
Banking System tutorial.

Crypto is the virtual currency in Epoch Mod.
Crypto can be used to barter or trade for goods with NPC Traders or you can transfer to a player that is near you..
You earn Crypto by selling items to NPC Traders, by trading with other players, or by stealing a Crypto Device from a dead player.
The Crypto you earn is stored on your Crypto Device while you are alive and the device will drop near your body if you die. Anyone who picks this up will receive your earned Crypto.
To save your "Crypto" securely, use the Banking System by finding an ATM or Phone booth to access your bank account.
Walk up to the ATM / Phone booth and use your "action key" (default "spacebar") and click "examine".
Enter a value in the field "Deposit" or "Withdraw" and click "Transfer" to insert or remove funds from your account.
You may also transfer funds to other players using the "Transfer" field.
Select the recipient on the right, enter the amount of Crypto you want to send, and click "Transfer".
All transactions will have a delay while the funds are being transferred. This delay is dependent on the size of the transaction.
Your bank account is persistent to your character on the server you are connected to.
Be advised that dying and other factors can adjust your bank account negatively or positively. Epoch has a 100 Crypto charge on death.