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Once you purchase a vehicle, you will be given a randomly colored key on your toolbelt, so make sure you have room!

  • Keys are only required for locking and unlocking the vehicle. A key is not required to drive the unlocked vehicle.
  • The key will be placed on your toolbelt, so make sure you have room.
  • If you lose the vehicle's key, you won't be able to lock or unlock it.
  • Using the Key Makers Kit and a piece of tin, over a fire, you can create copies of your key for others.
  • New in v1.0.2.4 Bicycles no longer lockable
  • Locking your vehicle does not prevent it from being destroyed or salvaged.
  • All owned vehicles will spawn locked after server restart, unless your key is destroyed/dropped.

Cargo[ | ]

  • As of v1.0.2.4 Locked vehicles' stored equipment is secure when the vehicle is locked.
  • Cargo can be checked on any vehicle, by the scroll wheel action "Cargo Check"

Stealing Locked Vehicles[ | ]

  • As of v1.0.2.4 you can find a rare item called a Hotwire Kit. This item allows you to hotwire a locked vehicle, and use it until the next server restart, where it will lock again. There is a 25% chance of failure upon using a Hotwire Kit. Use them wisely!

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