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Client Side Issues[edit | edit source]

Various BattlEye kicks[edit | edit source]

If you are kicked for incorrect or corrupt battlEye version you can manually download the battlEye files here.

Signature Check Timeout[edit | edit source]

Issue[edit | edit source]

From the player's perspective the message is "You have been kicked off the game."
The other players in the server see "Player N signature check timed out."

Solution[edit | edit source]

This is a BattlEye problem. It is most commonly associated with a low MTU setting in your network stack.

The primary cause to this is indeed a setting other than 1500 MTU somewhere in your networking path. Typically it is an issue with any router you might have, but can also be your machine or modem.

Often, VPN clients(such as Cisco or Juniper) or proxy services reset MTU to 1300, likely for overhead. These agent services on your computer will continually reset the MTU to a lower value.

It is advised anyone with signature timeout problems use TCP optimizer application to inspect or change local network adapter settings. You will want to set your MTU to 1500 on the network adapter you use to connect to the internet with.

Routers such as NETGEAR routers( WGR & DGN series ) also may have problems with battleye as well. Check their administrative page to see if you can change the MTU setting.

Additional troubleshooting utility: mtupath This will attempt to check the MTU (using ping -f) for each host along the path to the server. Download it at the bottom of the page and run it in a command window like this:

C:>mtupath.exe -4 *insert destination server IP here*

MTU path scan to bmrf.me (, ttl=64, limit=48
# 16 processing - best MSS 1472 (estimated MTU 1500) [pPPPPpPppPpppppp]
# 01 nearest minimum MTU on local interface

        #1 MSS IN RANGE     1 <==  1471 ==>  1472
        #2 MSS EXCEEDED  1473 <== 14911 ==> 16384

You should generally see around 1500 in rage. The above example is a 'working fine' model. Anything lower (say 1300 as upper end) is going to indicate a problem with MTU settings somewhere upstream. It is likely an issue with your PC or your router, but could potentially be a modem or ISP issue.

Can't Respawn After Dying / Persistent Black Screen[edit | edit source]

If you die and the abort button is grayed out, wait 10 seconds with the abort menu showing.
If you get a black screen and are unable to respawn even when reconnecting to the server, please make sure you have only alpha numeric characters in your name! A-Z, 0-9 ONLY, special characters may cause problems with your player account.

Unable to Download Mission File or Stuck at Loading Screen Bar[edit | edit source]

Many connect attempt issues can be resolved by deleting the mission cache file. This is the file that has server-specific information associated with it. All the files and folders under MPMissionsCache can be safely deleted. The location can be either:

X:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA\MPMissionsCache
X:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ArmA 2\MPMissionsCache

Server Side Issues[edit | edit source]

Too many objects within 30m[edit | edit source]