Epoch Mod Wiki

Rather than just collecting wood from a tree, after you collect the wood the tree will now fall over. Giving you the ability to move past the tree.

  • Ability to cut down a tree and free a vehicle that is stuck.
  • Tree's with more armor will take longer to cut down. Most large trees have higher armor.
  • The amount of wood you get is in correlation with how much armor that tree has.
  • Clear paths for vehicles.
  • New in v1.0.3 Hatchet must be equipped in your primary slot. Hold down left click while facing a tree.
  • Any cut down trees will respawn on a server restart.
  • Re-logging onto the server will respawn trees that a player has cut (only visible for the re-logged player), allowing one to gather more wood from a smaller area.

Harvesting Wood demonstrated:

  • Chainsaws make cutting down trees faster and will give lumber instead of wood piles.