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You can use this feature to tell your friends from your enemies. Once you tag someone, he must tag you back to become friends. A green name will show up on their player model indicating that they are your friend after they accepted the tag.

  • Tagging another person will also let you build on their camp if they have placed a 30 Meter Plot Pole down.
  • If you log out, the tag will go away. You will have to re-tag your friend/s if you join the server again.

Visuals of Tagging[ | ]

You will see a player's name from up to 25 meters if they opt-in to the name display when they join the server. Their name will be red, white, or blue, depending on their humanity. If you are tagged friendly it will appear as green. A player can opt-out of the name display and still tag friendly to display this to their allies. Color coding is as follows:

  • Red Bandit: less than or equal to -5000 Humanity
  • White Neutral: in between -4999 and 4999 Humanity
  • Blue Hero: greater than or equal to 5000 Humanity
  • Green Player is tagged friendly with you

New in 1.0.3 !!! Tag friendly system now stores your 5 most recent friends with your life. Building on another friends plot and you are already tagged you still need to look at the owner once to complete the handshake so that you can start building. Server admins can disable this with DZE_FriendlySaving = false; in the init.sqf


Hero Tag (Player opted in for nametags)


Friendly Tag