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Metals Crafting[ | ]

Smelting is primarily used at this time to combine or refine precious metals.

With bars, you can generally combine 10 1oz bars into a single 10oz bar. You can also smelt 10oz bars back into 10 1oz bars.

No longer requires any tools or fire to accomplish as of v1.0.3 except for Aluminium and Tin smelting.

Metal exchange can happen at any NPC merchant located at a trader city.

Smelting[ | ]

  • Aluminum (6x Empty Soda Cans)
  • Tin (6x Empty Tin Cans)
  • 10oz Gold (10x 1oz Gold)
  • 10oz Silver(10x 1oz Silver)
  • 10oz Copper(10x 1oz Copper)

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