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This global variable serverTraders is the list of all accepted trader classes that will enable the trade menu and trade metals options.

serverTraders = ["RU_Functionary1"];

The menu_* global variables control category names and tid's

// Hero Vendor

menu_RU_Functionary1 = [
  • First array cannot be empty and consists of another array ["Ammunition",478] that controls the visible trader category name and the tid. The tid is linked to the database via object_data table with the column tid.
	[["Ammunition",478],["Clothes",476],["Helicopter Armed",493],["Military Armed",562],["Trucks Armed",479],["Weapons",477]],

  • Second array can be empty and is used for static trades ["ItemCopperBar","TrashJackDaniels",1,1,"buy","Empty Wiskey Bottle","Copper Bar",101].
    • Format: ["(Magazine class of output)","(Magazine class of input)",(# output),(# input),"buy","(Name Of Item In)","(Name of Item out)",(# sort order)]
	[["ItemCopperBar","TrashJackDaniels",1,1,"buy","Empty Whiskey Bottle","Copper Bar",101]],