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DayZ Epoch Configs[edit | edit source]

Mission File: init.sqf[edit | edit source]

Mission File: dynamic_vehicle.sqf[edit | edit source]

Mission File: server_traders.sqf[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Change Vehicle Spawns[edit | edit source]

Edit AllowedVehiclesList array found in dynamic_vehicle.sqf inside the MPMissions folder for the specific map.

AllowedVehiclesList = [ 

This controls the type of vehicle and the total limit per vehicle type. Note that the limit is soft and will typically spawn one more than the actual numbers.

Change total vehicle limits[edit | edit source]

Edit the init.sqf variable MaxVehicleLimit and you change the total max vehicles, if this limit is reached no new vehicles will spawn.

MaxVehicleLimit = 350; // Default : 200

Traders[edit | edit source]

SQL tables used by the game currently[edit | edit source]

The traders_data table is the only one used at this time by the server. The server_traders, trader_items, and trader_tids tables are used by a soon to be released web tool that is used to configure the traders_data table as well as generate server_traders.sqf.

Adding new items to traders[edit | edit source]

INSERT INTO `traders_data` (`item`,`qty`,`buy`,`sell`,`order`,`tid`,`afile`) VALUES ('["1Rnd_HE_M203",1]',10,'[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]','[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]',0,60,'trade_items')

item ["classname",type]

qty Number of items in stock

buy or sell [qty,"classname",type]

Use the following as a table for items types in the columns Item, Buy and Sell:

  • Weapons = 3
  • Vehicles and backpacks = 2
  • Magazines = 1

order Allows override of display order. Typical range is 0 (low priority. Eg: 'Get out') to 6 (high priority. Eg: 'Auto-hover on').

tid This number must match the trader category id found in the mission file server_traders.sqf

afile Use the following types each of these represent a different .sqf file that performs the work:

  • trade_items
  • trade_weapons
  • trade_any_vehicle
  • trade_any_boat
  • trade_backpacks

How to add stock for a specific item:[edit | edit source]

In "traders_data" table use Navicat to filter by column "item" then "contains" then "Itemvault" then change the "qty" column to add more stock and click on the checkmark at the bottom to save. Any changes to the qty will be live to the server instantly.

Or execute this SQL:

UPDATE `traders_data` SET qty=10 WHERE `item` LIKE '%ItemVault%' AND qty=0;

We recommend running this code daily to ensure that traders have some stock except vehicles and boats since they should normally spawn dynamically and are already sold for profit.

UPDATE `traders_data` SET qty=10 WHERE qty=0 AND afile<>'trade_any_vehicle' AND afile<>'trade_any_boat';

Override distance for selling at traders (1.0.1 Only)[edit | edit source]

override variable for distance for selling at traders. dayz_sellDistance = 20; in the missions init.sqf

Server Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Remove destroyed vehicles from database:[edit | edit source]

Use the following SQL code: DELETE FROM object_data WHERE Damage = 1

Schedule it to run every day:

CREATE EVENT removeDamagedVehicles
    COMMENT 'Removes damaged vehicles'
      DELETE FROM `object_data` WHERE Damage = 1

Automatic Cleanup of placed items:[edit | edit source]

By default cleanup happens 6 days after item was placed. To change this edit CleanupPlacedAfterDays setting in the HiveExt.ini under the [objects] section.

;Negative values will disable this feature
;-1 means that ALL empty placed items will be deleted every server restart
;A positive number is how old (in days) a placed empty item must be, in order for it to be deleted
CleanupPlacedAfterDays = 14

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]