Epoch Mod Wiki


Owner lockable storage with a random 4 digit combination given to you when you first place it. So make sure to write it down!

Personal Safe

  • Cannot be destroyed.
  • Safes are locked after a server restart.
  • Safes can be packed and moved, at any time, by the original owner, even after death.
  • MaxMagazines = 200
  • MaxWeapons = 20
  • MaxBackpacks = 10


You can only purchase safes from traders that sell building supplies.

  • Safes can be placed anywhere in the world including inside buildings.
  • Safes cost one full briefcase(Twelve 10oz Gold bars).
  • Safes are sold at Friendly and Neutral Traders(Your humanity must be better than -5000)

Basic Use[]

Safes cannot be interacted with is someone is close to you. Friends have to back out of range first.

  • Place "Put down safe in front of you"
  • Unlock Safe - This option will show if the safe is locked, you will need to enter a 4 digit combination to unlock.
  • Gear - Access the gear in the safe.
  • Cargo Check - Check how many slots are in the safe, Magazine, Weapons, and Backpacks.
  • Lock Safe - Will allow you to lock the safe. If you already put in the 4 digit combination to open it, it will lock it without you having to put it in again. If you friend opened the safe, then you will have to put in the 4 digit combination to lock it.
  • Pack Safe - Packs the safe to be picked up, and moved. ***Please note, packed safes MUST be empty or items will spill out!***
  • Take - Places safe in inventory. Takes one slot, weighs a lot(100 lbs).