Epoch Mod Wiki

Looting[ | ]

There are several ways to find items in Epoch. These are;

Custom Furniture[ | ]

Epoch has many custom searchable objects to find items in, which are listed below. As the player moves around the map, they have a chance for these to spawn in the buildings around them.

Once found, the items can be searched by "action tab" (Spacebar) menu, and then the items inside will be available to add to your inventory by pressing the "i" key to open your gear. Then right click the items or drag them into your inventory.>

Trash Nodes[ | ]

  • Outside List of objects that can be looted

To loot a pile or object outside of a building stand on top of or next to it and press "action tab" (Spacebar) menu, and select "search" the press "i" to open gear.

Vehicle Loot[ | ]

Shipwreck[ | ]

Food and Drink[ | ]