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As a 'Healthy Player' you can become Sick through;

  • Consuming raw meat
  • Consuming an unknown can of food
  • Getting too cold (long exposure to the ocean or rain at night)
  • Contact with Zombies (there is a chance when hit by a Zombie that you will become Sick)


Symptoms of Sickness;

  • Slow blood loss
  • Cough


You can CURE your Sickness with Antibiotics before you die.


If you die while Sick you become an Infected Player.


You are now an Infected Player. While not quite a zombie, you can behave like one!

  • Walk and crawl like a zombie.
  • Run extremely fast, without sprinting.
  • Cannot use any items or carry weapons.
  • Cannot bleed, or be healed by players.
  • Cannot drive or ride in vehicles.
  • Infected Player Actions
    • Raise Horde - Calls all zombies to your location within 100m.(zombies will detect and attack the infected player)
    • Attack - Short range melee attack causes bleeding, broken legs and/or infection. Attack players by using the V key (previous to v1.0.2.4 attack was a mousewheel function)
    • Feed - Only way to gain health is by feeding on dead players or wild animals.
    • Vision - Toggle between normal player site, and a full-screen orange night vision.