Epoch Mod Wiki

The Epoch group system has been created to work with the use of crypto, which you will need to start the group and upgrade it.

Group Creation[ | ]

To create a group, press the "i" button and click the Group Menu tab. Here you enter your group's name, then click create group.

Group Creation

Group Management[ | ]

Once created, the Group Menu tap will show you how many slots you have available, and any players that are near will be shown in the drop-down menu, from which you will be able to invite them to your group. From here you will also be able to upgrade the group to have more available slots, and the amount of crypto needed is shown. You can also leave the group, kick people from the group, or allow other members to invite/kick members by clicking their name, then set mod.


Accepting Invites[ | ]

When a player is invited to group, the will see a notice of the invite, and it will be listed in their Requests tab. When in this tab they have the options to accept or decline the request.


Group Perks[ | ]

The perks of being in a group are:

  • Vehicle Locking - All members of a group are able to unlock a vehicle that has been locked by another member;
  • Base Building - When a group has a frequency jammer placed, only members of that group will be able to build within it's range, or lock/unlock doors;
  • Visible Hexes - All members will have a hex visible, making it easier to track each other and distinguish between friend and foe.