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Frequency Jammer[ | ]

Video overview of the Frequency Jammer

Frequency Jammers are now a prerequisite to base building in Epoch Mod. Server admins can control this by changing the desc.ext mission variable: buildingRequireJammer The recipe for crafting a frequency jammer is 2 x large salvage metal + 2 x Electronic Components.
The frequency jammer is used to maintain your base using crypto and also protects base parts from being moved by outsiders using the group system. It also allows it so other players can not build in the area of the jammer. The range of the frequency jammers effect is 75 meters (by default) and another jammer cannot be built within 225m (3x Radius). The owner of a jammer can remove the jammer if they wish to.

When in a group, the group leader should be the person to place the Jammer so others in the group have permission to build within the Jammer's range. This is the same for lockboxes and access to them.