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Types of Spawn Events Similar to Heli Crashes that occur every server restart, these events will spawn randomly within the map

Mass Grave Spawns[ | ]

A very distinctive pile of bodies that emit a lot of flies. Mass Graves are a rare event that offers a large quantity of military grade loot. They can also spawn standard residential loots, and medical.


Mass Grave

Supply Drop Spawns[ | ]

Ammo supply

Ammo Supply Box

'Rare spawning events with base building loot. There is a Ammo Crate in the center that you can destroy to find Armed Vehicle Ammo'

  • These drops tend to happen within the middle portion of the map, meaning that you will most likely not find them up in the northern wilderness on Chernarus.
  • Every ~60mins there is a 50% chance for one to spawn on the map, once the loot is absorbed there will a chance for another one to spawn

What spawns at these Supply Drops?

  • Supply Crates filled with: Sandbags, Scrap Metal, Tank Traps
  • Lumber, Plywood packs
  • Sledgehammers
  • Ammo_Supply_Box Destroy the crate and salvage the wreckage to receive Armed_Vehicle_Ammo for use in Mounted Trucks / Helis (toolbox/crowbar required)

Dynamic Debris Spawning[ | ]

Randomly spawning debris that reset on server restart. They are everywhere, and often mimic static debris piles on roadways. However, these can be removed.

Debris Removal

A three-stage action that takes place at one of the dynamically spawned debris points. Once completed, will yield one random industrial item.
Tools Required:

Ore Veins (new in v1.0.2.4)[ | ]

  • Ore types: Iron, Silver, Gold
  • These rock formations are located randomly around the map
Ore Veins

Iron Ore Vein

  • Destroy the vein and salvage to receive a random amount of each. (a vein may have multiple types of ore when destroyed) Every player can salvage to receive a random amount of ores as well. You need a toolbox/crowbar to salvage the wreckage.
  • Smelting the ores requires a fireplace, water bottle, toolbox, Sledgehammer.