Epoch Mod Wiki
  • Currency - Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Aluminum Bars.
  • Key - used to lock/unlock vehicles.
  • Keymakers Kit - ability to copy keys used to lock/unlock vehicles.
  • Personal Safe - Owner lockable storage with a 4 digit combination.
  • Lockbox - Owner lockable storage with a color / 3 digit combination. Rare loot drop on business suit zombie.
  • Combination Lock - used in modular building system to upgrade doors to a 3 digit locked door. Lootable on worker zombies (jumpsuits) near industrial areas and policeman zombies (military).
  • 30 Meter Plot Pole - ability to build on a piece of land.
  • Fishing Pole - ability to fish for food in the ocean.
  • Sledgehammer Melee tool/weapon which can be crafted from a Sledgehandle (farm spawn) and Sledgehead (worker zombie, farm spawn)
  • Fuel Barrel - much larger container to hold fuel in (careful it's really heavy).
  • Rare Drinks - Valuable beverages!
  • Zombie Harvesting
    • Gutting - Slight decrease in Humanity with loot of Zombie Parts.
    • Trade Zombie Parts at trader cities for Bio Meat.
    • Bio Meat - Adds 1600 hp when eaten but higher chance to get infected.
  • Lootable Armed_Vehicle_Ammo 100Rnd_127x99_M2,48Rnd_40mm_MK19,50Rnd_127x107_DSHKM,29Rnd_30mm_AGS30,2000Rnd_762x51_M134 Existing Ammo Types for Armed Vehicles - 100Rnd_762x51_M240, 100Rnd_762x54_PK. (Armed vehicles & helis spawn without ammo! added in
  • Iron_Ore Harvested from Ore_Veins on the map by destroying the Vein and salvaging the wreckage with a toolbox/crowbar. Crafted with a water bottle and fireplace to make Scrap Metal! (new in v1.0.2.4)
  • Ore_Veins Random nodes found around the map- destroy and salvage wreckage to profit! Iron, Silver, Gold. Iron_Ore is used to make scrap metal(6 ore+waterbottle+fire), silver and gold are smelted to 1oz bars using a fire and water bottle.
  • Hotwire_Kit Found rarely on policeman zombies and even more rarely in vehicles. Have a %75 chance to work and are consumed on use and only unlock the car for one time use. A server restart will re-lock the vehicle. New in v1.0.2.4
  • Documents Can now be found around the world and on enemies, zombies. 'Examine' this document to reveal what it really is.