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Currency is used to buy items from vendors.

To earn currency, you can sell items, trade metals up, or loot currency from players or player bases.
In order, left to right, greatest value of currency to lowest.

Trader Metal Exchange[ | ]

To convert from one metal type to another, merchants in trader cities offer the option to "Trade Metals."

For example, trading one 1oz Silver will get you 3 10z copper.

Available trader exchanges:[ | ]

1 Tin bar ⬌ 2 Aluminum bar
1 Copper bar ⬌ 2 Tin bar
1 Silver bar ⬌ 10 10oz Copper
1 Gold bar ⬌ 10 10oz Silver
10 10oz Gold ⤍ 1 100oz Briefcase

(Find a Briefcase on a business suit zombie or in a office building(sometimes know as the school))
Use the Briefcase to store your 10oz gold, trade a full Briefcase for high-end items at the traders

Briefcases[ | ]



Note that when you convert 10 10oz gold into a 100oz briefcase(at a vendor it may charge you 2 gold but varies from server to server) generally, if you buy something it will convert all your gold for you FOR FREE. This essentially means the conversion costs 2 10oz gold.

Empty briefcases are a rare drop in office type loot locations.
Briefcase weight scales appropriately depending on the number of bars inside.

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