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Base Building & Crafting[edit | edit source]

Epoch Energy System[edit | edit source]

Before a player can start building, they must first gain some energy. This can be done in three ways:

  • Vehicles - While in any vehicle with the engine running, the player will gain approximately 5 energy every 10 seconds;
  • Solar/Wind Power - If the player is within 75 meters of a solar farm tower or wind turbine they will gain approximately 5 energy every 10 seconds;
  • Energy Packs - By double clicking an energy pack in your inventory, there is an option to "use". This will give the player energy instantly, but will use up the energy pack (small energy pack = 100 energy. large energy pack = 1000 energy).

Also note;

  • Using night vision goggles, or the night vision function on range finders, will also require energy.
  • Energy gains do not stack while in a vehicle within range of towers/turbines or multiple towers/turbines

Building controls:[edit | edit source]

This video has commentary / music, adjust your volume before hitting play.

View Building Controls
Button Action
1 Place object
Q Center object in front of player's view
E Free Rotate
Page up Lift object
Page down lower object
Home Push object away from you
End Move object towards you
Insert Push object leftward
Delete Push object rightward
5(NUM) Reset Object

Note:- Base building objects get deleted after 7 days. Moving the object or Painting walls extends this for 7 more days. For more info see Maintaining Bases.

Upgrading Pieces[edit | edit source]

Some building pieces can be upgraded with the use of additional materials:

Base Maintenance[edit | edit source]

If they are not maintained, base pieces will be removed after 7 days of being placed.
To avoid this, you can do one of the following:

The best way is clearly through the frequency jammer, as painting will only work on upgraded walls, and moving every piece of a base and getting them back to how they were would be very time consuming on all except the most basic bases.

Crafting Overview[edit | edit source]

There are many items that can be crafted in Epoch, but they are always started in the same way: by double clicking the item in your inventory.
This is an overview of how to craft items, which can be applied to all crafting in the list of Items and Recipes;

Items and Recipes[edit | edit source]

View Items and Recipes

Tools[edit | edit source]