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The 30 Meter Plot Pole gives you the ability restrict others from building in a 30 meter radius from the center.

Puzzle globe
Current Plot Pole model(may change soon)

A good use for the plot pole is to disable the capability of other players to build new structures(such as ladders) at your base. The plot pole does not protect from destruction, only new building or upgrading. It also doubles the required number of 'deconstruction' attempts for objects in the area. Be aware that plot poles can be both destroyed or deconstructed by anyone, so you must protect or hide them well!

You can only purchase 30 Meter Plot Poles from traders that sell building supplies.

  • 30 Meter Plot Pole cost six 10oz Gold Bars.
  • Tagging someone gives you the ability to build on their plot. They also get the ability to build on your plot.
  • Plot poles are tied to your current player's life. If you die, you will need to take down(deconstruct) the existing plot pole and redeploy it to build again. Until this is done you or your friends will be unable to build within the plot pole radius.
  • Plot poles do not disappear on death, but will need to be redeployed to be updated to the new owner. Anyone can 'claim' a plotpole by removing and replacing it.
  • Plot Poles can be placed anywhere in the world except near other plot poles.
  • New Feature in v1.0.3 Area Maintenance for plot pole owners- allows you to trade currency to automatically maintain the area of land around your plot pole including all base building elements. You can "preview" the amount of currency it will take as well- all through a scroll wheel menu on the plot pole itself.

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